Danish WNBA Prospect Maria Steen Jespersen

Dutch coaches at the highest level hardly ever look to countries like Denmark as it comes to foreign additions. It’s a pity because that way lots of great players disappear. Amongst them is Maria Steen Jespersen who was in the U16 team that played in Sittard in 2010, and with the U18 team that played in Zwolle in 2012. Jespersen led all scorers in Sittard that first year, and was one of the rising stars on the U16 Europeans that year.

Jespersen collected double doubles as if it were stamps, and even went for a 19 point 12 rebounds performance after breaking her arm in the 3rd quarter of a game, in a total of 34 minutes. After a successful career as a USF forward who can play both forwardpositions, scouts have her as an early second round pick in the draft. Imagine that playing in the Dutch league while checking her tape from the season before last. I wonder where she will wind up next september.


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